Kim began using yoga to get her unhealthy body back into shape over a decade ago. Much to her surprise, she began noticing a healing taking place, not only of her body, but also of her mind and spirit.


Thirsty for more knowledge of this ancient practice, Kim dove into learning as much as she could about yoga. While absorbing information about yogic tradition and meditation, she stumbled upon the ancient medical practice of Ayurveda. Kim made the decision after visiting the California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City, California, to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner.


While in school and using this ancient medical science in her daily life, her body and asana practice began to change. Through her dedication to asana (yoga poses), she began teaching Bikram, Vinyasa, prenatal and yin yoga to integrate and share her knowledge of this mind, body and spirit practice.


Kim style of teaching encourages students to find their edges in the asana practice through compassion, rawness and humor. Kim draws inspiration from teachers such as Rusty Wells, Seane Corn, Ana Forrest, Aaron Pappas and many others. When Kim is not teaching or practicing yoga, she spends time inspiring others towards their true north. Kim has two amazingly smart, lovely children and a wonderfully supportive, handsome partner.

SEVA Space Owner, E-RYT, AHP


Tracy teaches exactly how you’d expect an ex-art-major / country singer / academic raised on Muppet Show DVDs to teach — with nerdiness, grit, and a sly fondness for the right amount of entropy. Hailing from rural Far Northern California, she grew up suspicious of many nice things in this world, including yoga. But after one major illness, two major surgeries, and fewer and fewer excuses, she ended up giving it a try. And then another try. And then a 200-hour teacher training.


But although her practice has become a deep and indispensable part of her wellbeing, she hasn’t forgotten how it feels to be injured, sick, or even just a beginner. As a teacher, she’s here for the unsure. For the cautious and curious. For the skeptics that need healing too.


When she’s not on the mat, she’s either playing electric guitar for her discontented cats, scouring Bandcamp playlists for the next big thing, pushing pixels into funny shapes, lovingly talking trash about grad school, or writing feverishly about small-town America.


Sherri’s yoga journey began only to stop and start again a few times. She started with solely appreciating the physical practice of the asanas at the gym and a short stretch of Bikram, but was never quite hooked. It wasn’t until she found her way to studios and teachers who she was inspired by, with the way they held space in their classes and filtered in messages of connection, discovery and acceptance of self with patience and compassion. Sherri was launched into these spaces with these teachers during a time in her life when she felt weighed down by struggles. 


The spiritual messages of yoga became something she clung to as she would breathe through each pose, each moment. Then she started really letting them sink in, really feeling them and harnessing them within her practice. These moments of centering, discovery, surrender, acceptance and love, as she moved through the poses like a dance of sweat, meditation, breath and empowerment.


She began seeing it carry over into my day to day life. She began to notice that she felt as though she was standing taller. More open, more with breath. More with love and belief. Less with fear and doubt. It was a bit of an awakening to discover that she didn’t have to “wait” until she had everything figured out or worked out, to honor and love the light within that was already there and always has been. 


“Yoga brings me back to that place over and over. Brings me back to my center, back to myself.”


Sherri knows that yoga takes a lot of scattered thoughts and distractions and begins to bring everything to one sacred spot, one breath, one moment… One mat and one home within herself that she’s learning to fill with love and appreciation. It’s a continuous journey and practice for her. 


“I return to my mat to come back to this center over and over again. Building upon it each time. Forever a student myself.”

In Sherri’s classes she strives to provide a space for students to explore, discover and connect to their own inner light, self love and empowerment. 


“I am deeply humbled and honored to step into this space and share this practice with you. Let’s move through it together finding both connection within and with this amazing yoga community...and maybe drop a few dope dance beats while we are at it!”


Dave started his formal Yoga journey in 2015 after practicing on and off with fitness videos for a couple of years. He wandered into a local studio to find out if what he was doing at home was “real” yoga. He was immediately hooked. He found that moving and breathing with intention allowed him an opportunity to find a moving meditation that has kept him balanced and open. After practicing for four years, Dave wanted to deepen his experience by enrolling in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course with Sadhana Yoga School in Bali. This experience convinced him to share the joy of his yoga practice and reinforced the idea that yoga is and should be accessible to everyone. Dave truly believes that a personal yoga practice can enhance a person’s quality of life and is sustainable throughout all stages of life. We have an amazing community in Winters and he feels that we all benefit by having this wonderfully inclusive studio in our town.


"Life can be fucking nuts sometimes (I cuss a lot F.Y.I). At times, I’m so deep in the muck, I don’t know which way is up... and other times I’m so full of joy and gratitude that I don’t know what to do with myself."


Since Joe has brought the practice of yoga into his life, he now has a whole other tool set to rely on to help in navigating the ins and outs, ups and downs and how to be in those moments entirely for what they are which is usually a chance to learn and a chance to love. Joe doesn't have a perfect practice, sometimes he may only get on the mat to practice a few times a week, if that.  


"I don’t have graceful form and I don’t have all the yogi language down, but I keep coming back anyway because that’s the thing... yoga is always here for me and for anyone else that wants it." 


That’s what Joe's teaching shares with people:

It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about how much is known, it’s about showing up and being able to connect to ourselves and those around us. 

In Joe's class, is to be in the moment right now for exactly what it is, good or bad, and just be. 


Frankie found yoga when she was in high school. During her junior year she would host yoga nights at her house, where she would set up candles and go through poses with her girlfriends. Without any history in yoga her goal was to create a relaxing, nonjudgmental atmosphere for her friends. Frankie fell in love with yoga when she was introduced to Bhakti vinyasa practice. Once Frankie became dedicated to the practice she began to notice a connection within herself and within her community. She started cultivating her energy allowing her to feel powerful both mentally and physically. Frankie was inspired to teach when she became conscious of the magical feeling of creating positive love energy through each movement, and with each breath connecting her to the present moment. Frankie is influenced by compassion and her numerous teachers on and off the mat. When Frankie isn't teaching or practicing you can find her enjoying nature, drinking coffee, and loving life with her partner and animals. In her classes you will feel energized, connected, and balanced. 


Rebekah Nagy began practicing yoga as a departure from dance in 2001, and has been teaching yoga and leading workshops since 2010.  Her hallmark as a teacher is her detailed and unique alignment instructions, both precise and poetic, in a creative flow that balances vigor with rest and interoception.  In her classes you can expect to build inner heat, meet challenges safely and playfully, and wind down sweetly.  Rather than telling her students what they should feel, she holds clear and supportive space that allows them to unveil their own paths to embodiment, connection, and presence.  She has taught yoga history and philosophy, Western and subtle anatomy, teaching methodology, and beginning Sanskrit in teacher trainings throughout New York City and in Northern California.  Since 2013, she has studied anatomy and somatics via a Body-Mind Centering approach with Amy Matthews at the Breathing Project.  Her principle interests are the integration of non-hierarchical embodied experience with yoga practice and non-dual tantric philosophy, the intersections of shamanic work, somatic modalities and the contemplative traditions, and the application of non-dual philosophy and embodied presence to radical horizontal politics so that we may reimagine our lives and restructure our communities.  In growing season she can be found in her garden, either working hard or sitting still.

E-RYT, Alignment Flow

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